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Greenflight donation blocked on HC Dynamo account

Разместил: Kirill Kotov | Дата: 22.08.2016 |

Instead of misused 269 millions, the arrest was imposed on the whole 320 mln roubles of donation.


Under the decision of the Central District Court of Chelyabinsk, 320 mln roubles on the Moscow Hockey Club Dynamo account in SMP-bank were arrested. Olga Pfeifer, deputy head of the GSU GU MVD investigation department in the Chelyabinsk region petitioned for this decision.

The investigation established that on 11 November, 2013 OOO “Greenflight” and the autonomous nonprofit organization "United Hockey Club Dynamo” signed a donation contract according which the construction company transferred 320 mln roubles for the club development.

However, the results of the inspection showed that on 31 December, 2013  "Greenflight" had  269 million roubles of misused funds. Exactly the sum that was illegally transferred to the hockey club. So, why the arrest was imposed on 320 mln instead of 269?

Our edition managed to get the photos of the court ruling. If you take a close look at them, you can find some strange points. First, the court ruling looks bizarre: in the cap, the court precises that the investigated case is related to money withdrawn, but in the end rules to arrest the money.

It is also worth noting that the prosecutor and the investigator “haven’t taken advantage of their right to participate in the court hearing”. How a court hearing could take place without a prosecutor and an investigator?


Recall that in connection with the misuse of funds was initiated a criminal investigation against Sergei Manuylov, the ex-CEO of OOO "Greenflight". He is charged with the violation of the article 201 part 2 of the Criminal code of The Russian Federation (“On the abuse of authority, resulting in grave consequences”). This article provides a punishment by a fine of up to 1 million roubles or a fine equivalent to the salary or other income of the convict for a period up to five years, as well as compulsory labour for a term not exceeding five years, or deprivation of freedom for up to 10 years. If the person is pleaded guilty, he is prohibited to take some posts.

Curiously, Manuylov hasn’t been fired from "Greenlight." He is still working as the first deputy head of the company. Oleg Laknitsky, the new CEO of the construction company doesn’t find it necessary to fire him: "I told him that he should be by my side now. I can have some questions to ask. They arise every day. You never know what “bomb” will explode next. For example, we receive some contracts with theft schemes. At least he can tell us who brought them to him, where is the money. He can clear everything up and helps us and the investigation," commented  Oleg Laknitsky in the interview to Telefakt.ru.



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