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The unofficials Edition 14

Разместил: Arkady Surkov | Дата: 22.08.2016 |

In this edition you will learn why Olga Muhometyarova will keep her main rival honest, on what purpose should have been used the money stolen from Yershov, why they are mopping up the opposition in the region, who will head of the “Pensioners’ party” regional branch and which ministry will soon appear in the Chelyabinsk region. In addition, we’ll speak on who is to blame for Troitsk’s remaining without heating, on whose money Barkov is building a new shopping mall in the city and what kind of contracts signs Mikhail Balandin, the head of the Troitsk College of Aviation Technology.

The unofficials


Olga Muhometyarova will keep Bahmetiev honest

They say that Valery Gartung, the leader of the regional branch of Spravedlivaya Rossiya, SR (Fair Russia) party allocated 5 mln rubles on Olga Muhometyarova’s  electoral campaign. This was done in order to strengthen the party’s position and show its active work in the region, but also in an attempt to keep Edinaya Rossiya (United Russia) honest. Vitaly Bahmetiev is believed to win the race as a protege of the Chelyabinsk region governor. Maybe the increased activity of SP party will make him come back from holidays earlier and make some efforts to conduct the election campaign. It should be noted that even financially limited Olga Muhometyarova manages to regularly conduct agitation events and a large number of meetings with voters in Magnitogorsk district  Replenishment of the election fund will increase the effectiveness of her campaign.


Olga Muhometyarova


The money stolen from Yershov were intended for campaigning.

We have already written that Vyacheslav Yershov, the head of Kurchatov District Council and the member of United Russia was attacked and robbed in Chelyabinsk. Recall that Yershov is on the fourth place in the interregional party in power’s list  for the elections to the  State Duma in the Chelyabinsk and Kurgan regions. The criminals robbed 10 million rubles in foreign currency from the politician. According to one version, the sum was intended to pay the debt to an entrepreneur. However, according to our sources, it is not the case. First, Yershov has never had such large sums of money. Second, he is not very good at running business. He has always splitted in bad terms with his partners-entrepreneurs. No one would have lended him such a sum. Our sources say that the stolen money could be "black cash" for the needs of an election campaign. They say that the party’s leadership has set him a task to improve the United Russia’s rating in the Kurchatov district of Chelyabinsk, as Andrei Baryshev a single-mandate deputy in Chelyabinsk region has failed to complete the task. This information is indirectly confirmed by the fact that 10 mln were handed to Yershov near the building of the regional administration.


Vyacheslav Yershov


Mopping up the opposition in the Chelyabinsk region before the SCO and BRICS summits.

 They say that prior to the SCO and BRICS summits that should take place in 2020 in Chelyabinsk, the Southern Ural is seeing a systematic elimination of the opposition. As is well-known, the Chelyabinsk region is the third among the most conflict Russian regions. Thus, the scandalous and unpredictable political situation in the region keeps on the hop curators from the Presidential administration. Therefore, moved by the idea of a quiet situation in the region satisfying Moscow,  the regional authorities took the decision to “sweep” the opposition forces in the run-up to major international events. The first victim bacame Valerij Uskov, a statesman from Zlatoust town. Recently he was caught red-handed obtaining funds allegedly extorted from the staff of the deputy Oleg Kolesnikov. Some other of “loud” opposition members are summoned for questioning, talked to, threatened with criminal cases in an attempt to “arrange the matter”.


A former official to head the “Pensioners’ party” regional branch

They say that the Chelyabinsk branch of the “Russian Party of Pensioners for Justice” may be headed by some Alexander Nesterov. According to our information, he has previously worked in the Chelyabinsk administration and was appointed by the authorities. He reportedly was introduced to the leaders of local branches. Previously, public man Eugene Krotenko pretended for this post, but he resigned from the party in connection with the dismissal of the former president Eugene Artuha. After his attempt to present the competitive list of candidates in the State Duma not coordinated with the President's administration, the authorities realized that henceforth, to avoid surprises, it is necessary to control the party at all levels. That is why the regional branch will be headed by “an insider” Alexander Nesterov.


Russian Party of Pensioners for Justice


A new Ministry of the Chelyabinsk region

They say that starting with 2017 a new ministry called "The Chelyabinsk region Ministry of Security” will operate in the region. The new structure will include the Radiation Safety division withdrawn from the Ministry of Ecology. The reason why it’s necessary to increase the number of officials in the midst of the crisis remains unclear, as well as it functions.  It seems that a person from the Governor's administration promoted this initiative in order to implement the allocated for this purpose funds.


The Chelyabinsk region Ministry of Security


Troitsk may remain without heating

Troitsk housed a meeting on the Chelyabinsk region municipalities preparation for the heating period 2016-2017 chaired by Sergei Shal’, the deputy of Chelyabinsk region governor. The small hall of administration building gathered the heads of several territories: Magnitogorsk, Troitsk, Breda, Varna, Kartaly, and others. They say that the informal part of the meeting involved a discussion of a burning issue. The point is that president Vladimir Putin has recently issued a decree allowing  generating companies not to supply heat until the debts are fully repaid. That is why Troitsk may be left without heating in winter. ZAO "TEK", a supplying company headed by Igor Barkov is to blame. According to our data, the company owes to Troitsk GRES power-plant, a member of the holding  OGK-2, about 700 million roubles. Regional authorities now face a challenge: either to repay debt from the regional budget, or to leave Troitsk residents without heating.


Sergei Shal’


Meanwhile, Barkov is constructing a shopping mall

According to our sources, a 700 million rubles debt will not prevent Igor Barkov, the head of ZAO «TEC» from constructing a new shopping mall on Gagarin street, opposite the infant-feeding center. What if the money for the complex construction is that paid by Troitsk residents?

Igor Barkov


Avaiation college head distributes contracts

The heat pipe replacement works are now in the full swing on the territory of the education establishment. Works are carried out by ZAO "TEK" company controlled by the entrepreneur Igor Barkov. According to our data, the contracts were concluded bypassing the Federal Law No. 44 "On the contract system". As works are identical, they could have been combined into one lot and put on an electronic auction that would have saved about 30% of the initial budget. However, the lots were split into three contracts, 399 000 roubles each ( the law restricting each contract’s budget by 400 000 roubles). The Troitsk College of Aviation Technology’s management signed them without conducting a tender. Thus, the presence of a corruption component seems to be quite reasonable. Apparently,  Mikhail Balandin considers the whole thing is quite normal, since he hasn’t drawn any conclusion from his being involved into a criminal case on forging a flight mechanic’s certificate.


Avaiation college


The rumors are value judgments, opinions, beliefs, guesses of our readers on matters of common interest. We do not publish or edit the rumors that are offensive.

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