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Party of Pensioners gives up

Разместил: Kirill Kotov | Дата: 23.08.2016 |

The Party of Pensioners (RPPS) single-mandate candidates were refused registration at the polls. Eugene Artyukh, the former party leader wants to fight, but the current RPPS leaders don’t approve it.


Vladimir Burakov, the chairman of the "Russian Party of Pensioners for Justice", declared the party won’t struggle for its single-mandate candidates and file a cassation appeal. Burakov explains this decision by saying that it’s too little time left before the polls. Even if the party wins the case, it won’t have enough time to organize a decent election campaign.

The RPPS ex-leader Eugene Artyukh is ready to fight. He has already prepared the cassation appeal text and insists that the party should appeal to the Supreme Court. He can’t do it himself as the party fellows have blocked his access to the election fund, while the cassation must be paid from this money.

Eugene Artyukh is outraged by this fact as at the opening of the election fund he put there quite a lot of personal finances. Now he is unable to dispose of them for the benefit of 166 single-mandate candidates. Artyukh believes that the new chairman harms the party candidates.

"The party acts as a spoiler," said Eugene Artyukh, commenting on the position of Vladimir Burakov.

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