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Kholmanskikh blocks traffic at Chelyabinsk mechanical plant

Разместил: Arkady Surkov | Дата: 23.08.2016 |

In the morning rush hour, all wishing to leave the Metallurgichesky district were offered to bypass through the dump.


This morning, Tuesday, August 23 the traffic police have blocked the road to Sverdlovskiy prospect near the turn to the ChMz (Chelyabinsk mechanical plant). Drivers leaving the Metallurgichesky district had to detour across the dump field.

According to the traffic police, the important passage was blocked in the morning rush hour due Igor Kholmanskikh, plenipotentiary presidential envoy to the Ural Federal District paying visit to Chelyabinsk city. Today accompanied by the region’s authorities he is scheduled to meet the pedagogical community of the region. The traffic police warned drivers that the road would to be closed for at least another 30 minutes.

"Those heading to the city center and in the north-west are supposed to detour through the ChMZ, and what infuriates the most is the police acting quite thoughtlessly,” Chelyabinsk.ru. quotes a city driver Natalia Tarnovskaya, “the passage was closed 100 m before the crossroad leading to the center and the north-west instead of a 15 km detour across the ChMZ. What a dirty trick, disrespect for the ordinary people! One person expected to come in half an hour makes mere mortals drive a 15-kilometer detour. "

“That’s the way Kholmanskikh was blessing people to work today. He ought to be sent to the dump himself to enjoy fresh air,” writes an outraged social network user.

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